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- Website Updates for Security
- Creating New Pages
- Connecting New Business Tools
- Blog Uploads
- New "Freebies"
- Newsletter Campaign Connection
- Updating New Photos
- Copy Changes/Additions
- Email/Text Support for all Website Help

I just built you a beautiful website, we went over how to use your website and make changes, but you still feel that pit in your stomach of "I don't want to worry about that." That's why you have me! 

investment of $397/MONTH


- GoDaddy
- Google Suite
- Google Analytics
- Canva
- Kajabi
- Adobe

A lot of first time coaches/business owners get overwhelmed with the amount of resources out there to manage their business. It can be a major learning curve for some. I want to help you feel confident in your processes and capabilities to manage your business! Here are some of the systems and tools I can help you with. 


business systems consultation

- Mailchimp
- Acuity
- Calendly
- TypeForm
- Paypal or Stripe
- Quickbooks

- Limiting Beliefs
- Imposter Syndrome
- Perfectionism
- Building Confidence
- Feeling Calm and Controlled Around Your Business
- Staying Motivated During Normal Entrepreneur Struggles
- Setting & Achieving Goals

As an ICF Certified Professional Coach, I will hold space for you to create awareness around your thoughts and feelings in order to build your business rooted in your values. Together we'll work through:

3 Month Commitment

business mindset coaching

Benefits of my services

Having someone who understands your industry help you with your online presence.

You spend more time doing what you love rather than stressing about your website & brand

Having streamlined business processes that make you feel calm and confident.

Spending your free time with family and friends rather than backend business to-dos.

Here's the deal, I care. That's why I got into this business. I strongly believe in coaching and providing support to people in need. In order to create a happier and healthier world, people need to take advantage of your services. If I can help you help those people, it would be an honor.


If you're ready to stop stressing about your website, marketing, and business systems, then apply to work with me today! I'm your partner - think of me as tool in your toolbox. 

let's chat so i can tell you exactly the right package for you!

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