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You need a website that reflects your unique business & showcases your expertise to potential clients.


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Have your dream clients booking your service straight from your website.

Have a website that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Spend more time coaching rather than worrying about how to reach your potential clients. 

You bring such a strong power and value to your clients,
your website should reflect that.

Have a brand that reflects your unique coaching style. 

Feel more confident and professional in your business.

Imagine if you could...

Feel proud of your online presence.

Let me eliminate the stress for you

How my website + branding process helps you

From custom branding to website development and optimization, I provide a custom service that ensures your website is professional, engaging, and effective in converting visitors into clients. My designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, ensuring that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Once your website is launched, we will hop on a 1-hour Zoom call so I can teach you how to manage your website. I will also provide a guide explaining those processes. Don't want to worry about making those changes? You can hire me for ongoing website maintenance. 

Email Acquisition

Email marketing is proven to be one of the best forms of marketing. Getting straight into your dream client's inbox lets you share your offerings and musings immediately. Your website will have an email/newsletter sign-up, the option of a pop-up, and options to provide a "freebie" to grab more emails. This will be connected to your preferred email automation platform (Don't have one? Don't worry, I can help with that too.)

Copy Guidelines

Trust me when I say the struggle is real when it comes to writing down who you are and what you do. I KNOW you are an expert coach, but sometimes it's hard to explain why. My Copy Guidelines will provide prompts to help you write content for your website. I will review it to ensure it is optimized, clear, and attention-grabbing.

Brand Consultation

To begin our process, we will hop on a branding call so I can better understand the value you're providing, you're ideal client, and your vision so we can create a brand and website that represents you and your service. I will create a logo, two sub-logos, fonts, and colors for your brand and website through this process. 

SEO Ready

If you need to know what SEO, Search Engine Optimization is, it is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in search engines - Google. There are so many back-end technical things web designers do to increase visibility, and luckily for you, when you hire me, you have an expert. Each of your pages will have a ranking keyword and an optimized Meta description. Proper alt-text will be placed on your images as well.  


From scheduling clients, to payments, to contracts, to newsletter sign-ups - it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Together we’ll review your work processes and the external platforms you use to help manage your business to ensure a user-friendly service for your clients - and you. I will help you connect to all your subscriptions, for example, Kajabi, Mailchimp, Acuity, Calendly, HelloSign, Square, and PayPal. 

take your small business to the next level with a brand & website that truly reflects your expertise and credibility.


"Nichole, being a coach herself, understands the needs of a new coach. She helped me create a brand and website that represents my services and what I can help my clients with. Nichole has a way of truly listening and then bringing ideas into a beautiful visual format."

Christine Kaplan, ADHD Life Coach & LCSW

Choose Your Process

It's time to invest in your business so you can reach more dream clients who are ready to invest in YOUR services.

the up-level

Ideal for the entrepreneur who is ready to scale. You have amazing service offerings and are ready to streamline your processes. Branding included.

the essential

Ideal for the entrepreneur who is dialed in on their target audience and has 1-2 service offerings. Branding included.

the foundation

Ideal for the entrepreneur who already has a brand (logo, fonts, colors). You're dialed in on your target audience with 1-2 offerings.

6-7 pages

6-7 pages

12-15 pages




2 Payments of:

2 Payments of:

Investment starting at:








When you inquire, you’ll be taken to my application, where you’ll provide me with information about your business and project details. After submission, we will schedule a Zoom call to discuss your website & brand and what you’re looking for. If we vibe and feel excited about moving forward together, I will send you a contract and invoice for your first payment. 





Now the creation begins. We’ll work together to ensure you have a streamlined process that can be used through your website (domain set-up, email address, email marketing, scheduling, contacts, invoices, payments, etc.). I’ll gather content and photos from you. I will provide you with a few options for your brand after we go through my branding questionnaire so you can have a visual of what your brand will look like online. 





As soon as I have all the gathered information and you've provided an exciting YES on your brand, it's time for me to build. After building, I thoroughly audit your site to ensure its SEO, mobile responsiveness, clickable links, and performance issues. Afterward, we'll review your site together to ensure you're happy with the result. Then it's launch time! After the launch, we'll hop on a Zoom call to show you how to manage your website/upload blogs, make changes, etc. If you don't want to worry about that, you can hire me for ongoing website maintenance! 


Why should I work with you?

I have no tech skills, how will I manage my website later?

Will my website make me money?

What do I need to start working with you?

How long will it take to build my website?

What is my website built on?

I'm an entrepreneur, I get it. Not only do I have a long background in marketing, but I truly believe when it comes to marketing you need a partner. You will get my full attention during this process with clear communication to get your website and brand up and running quickly so you can start booking more of your dream clients!

Once I am finished building your website, we will hop on a 1-hour Zoom call where I will share my screen with you to show you how to make changes and additions. I will also provide you with a PDF explaining everything we'll discuss. If you don't want to worry about managing your website after we launch, you can always hire me for ongoing website maintenance

My clients typically have a return on their investment within the first 3 months of launch, as long as you are marketing. Because your website will be launched SEO ready, you will receive some organic traffic, but it is imperative you send people to your website through marketing on social media, emails, business cards, external links, and word-of-mouth. Your website it going to be gorgeous, your programs are going to be amazing, your copy is going to be captivating, but people will need to know about it!

Nothing! BUT, in order to have the most success with your project, I encourage you to come with details of your service and programs, and photography. If you want to wait on photography until we nail down your brand we can absolutely discuss that along with everything else including domain set-up, email, scheduling, payments, contracts, etc.

3-4 weeks as long as we both have timely communication and all content (written and photos) are provided on time. 

I build all of my website on Showit. It's my favorite platform. I used to use WordPress and sometimes Squarespace but I love the ease and customization Showit offers. I wanted to use a platform that my clients could easily use once I am complete building their website.

"Nichole has been a lifesaver when it comes to building my website and marketing my business. 

She not only has the tools and knowledge around building and creating a beautiful website, additionally she has the skillset needed to push you outside your comfort zone when it comes to building your business. Her services include so much more than just your basic marketing needs. She will coach you through the struggles and setbacks that all of us entrepreneurs experience when trying to scale our businesses. 

She was able to take the ideas I had and mix them with the experience and expertise she has, to create a website that embodies everything I’m about. 

If you’re looking to create ease in your business through creating efficient processes, clear messaging, and effective strategies, Nichole is it! And so much more. "

Laura Mier Y Teran, Life Coach & Personal Trainer

"Nichole was an absolute dream to work with when building my website. We clicked right away and she understood my vision from the beginning. She truly cares about her clients and wanting to help bring their passion forward to the world. I was very specific about what I wanted and how I wanted things to look and she blew me away when I saw the website come to life. It exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that I got to work with Nichole and I’d recommend her to anyone and everyone."

Siera Parigini - Hair Salon Owner

Hey, I'm Nichole

As a Certified Professional Coach and Marketing Expert, I am the go-to brand and web designer for your coaching business. I understand the coaching industry and have the tools to grow your coaching business so you can do what you love - help others. 


  • You can continue feeling frustrated about your online presence not representing the value you bring to your clients.
  • You can tell yourself, "it's not the right time," and sit by while your dream clients book someone else.
  • You can continue only using social media for marketing instead of gathering emails on your website to have a flouring email marketing system. 
  • You can feel proud of confident knowing you just took your coaching business' professionalism up a notch.
  • You can finally eliminate the worrying about needing a website and concentrate on your actual service.
  • You can start attending networking events and presentations and hand out your business card, knowing you're providing a professional coaching business. 
  • You can feel organized and calm around your business systems.
  • You can have a seamless way for clients to sign-up, schedule and pay for your services.

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